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Photo/Video Competition

WIN one room night at VR Rotorua Lake Resort

Photo/Video Competition Enroll NOW

How it works...

  • You book room(s) at the VR Rotorua Lake Resort.
  • Enroll for the competition by filling the form below.
  • You can take as many beautiful photos/videos of VR Rotorua Lake Resort you like.
  • You send us your 10 best selected picture / 30 second video to or share the link to Google Drive or Dropbox or any other file sharing services you like.
  • The more beautiful photographs/video that you take the more the chances of getting the accommodation for one room night FREE from us.
  • One winner will be chosen from each of the following category (One for Photos and one for Video)
    1. Property landscape and garden (Category name - Property)
    2. Room layout (Category name - Rooms)
    3. Staff in action (Category name - Staff)
    4. Restaurant and Bar photograph (Category name - RnB)
    5. Other facilities at the hotel (Category name - Facilities)
    6. Wedding (Category name - Wedding)
    7. Conferences (Category name - Conference)
  • You can send your entries for one or more categories both for Video and Photo

Photo/Video Guidelines

  1. Take photos/video of property showing the landscapes and garden, room layout, staff in action, facilities at the hotel, etc, etc
  2. The images/video should be in high resolution, as much as possible.
  3. The video should be maximum of 30 seconds.
  4. We do not expect the photographs/video to be taken from a high quality camera, photos taken from cell phone camera (Atleast 8MP camera) will also work as long as they are good and attractive.
  5. We are not judging by the quality/effects/Photoshop used in the photographs/video, we want to see some unique and pleasant photographs.
  6. Please do not take photographs/video of people except the staff at the hotel.
  7. If you are taking photographs/video of people, please make sure you blur their faces. Due to privacy policy of the guest(s) at hotel.
  8. Please make sure that when you send the photographs/video to us you mention your name and preferred email address for communication along with contact number.

Photo/Video competition enrollment