We recently received a blog entry from a fan and have immediately shared it here. Thank you Akriti from Mumbai, India. We appreciate your views and look forward to seeing you soon.

Recently my husband and I attended a grand destination wedding. While watching the bride and groom, I couldn’t help wondering. what if we had to do it all over again. Where would we have our dream destination wedding?
Then, while I was casually scrolling through Instagram I hit upon the perfect place! Take a look at VR Rotorua Lake Resort in New Zealand. or #VRRotoruaLakeResort on Insta. I am absolutely certain that there cannot be a more romantic venue. I just have to close my eyes to imagine the setting sun; my partner and I standing together; close family and friends surrounding us. The scene is of course framed by the spectacular Lake Rotoiti.

I was instantly drawn to the location.

Such beautiful luxury. With enough rooms to accommodate everyone. An outdoor heated pool and a spa. Who could ask for anything better! Keeping so many guests entertained between wedding functions would be a breeze – the surrounding areas have much to offer, so the bride and groom can forget all their ‘entertaining guests’ worries.

Icing on the cake

The bride and groom get to experience a complimentary night in a very stylish bridal suite that overlooks the lake. The in-room bar and the special breakfast organised in the privacy of the room sounds heavenly. Very thoughtfully they even offer late checkout!!

They even go a step further – and this is where I would give them a five on five; an experienced wedding planning team can take care of every little detail.

We have been married for six years and i think we may just visit VR Rotorua, on our Tenth Anniversary. I would love to plan a ‘renewal of vows’ party on the grassy banks of Lake Rotoiti, amidst our loved ones and say, “I do” – all over again!